About Us

At Lava Ridge Ranch we raise heritage turkeys, rare chickens, Muscovy ducks and Toulouse Geese.

We currently are raising French Black Copper Marans(GFF), White Pavlovskaya(GFF), Swedish Flowers(GFF), Crested Cream Legbars(GFF), Orust(GFF), Black/Blue Jersey Giants(WCJG), White Marans, Wheaten/Blue Wheaten Ameraucana
Our heritage turkeys consist of Royal Palms(CH,LS), Bourbon Red(CH,LS), Sweet Grass(PT,LS) and Black Spanish(CH,LS).
Ducks & Geese
Currently we raise Muscovy ducks and Toulouse Geese.

GFF=Green Fire Farms CH=Cackle Hatchery WCJG=West Coast Jersey Giants PT=Porters Turkeys
LS=Local Source

What we sell

We sell hatching eggs, day old chicks, poults,
and ducklings up to fully mature birds.
Hatching eggs are available from Jan-May.
Day old chicks, poults and ducklings are usually
available from February to June. Fully mature birds are available year round. We currently do not ship live birds, local pickup only. We will be shipping hatching eggs soon.


We do take orders if you are interested
in something we sell. Please be aware that hatching poultry is not an exact science
and what can go wrong will go wrong usually.
We strive to fullfill orders on time, but with rare
birds there can be issues like low fertilty and infrequent laying cycles.